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So a lot has happened since my last real entry so I'll try & catch everybody up! My last week of work was bittersweet saying goodbye to so many friends, but it was also filled with some great lunches and an awesome farewell happy hour. The day after leaving work I had another party at the Capital Yacht Club with so many friends new and old stopping by to wish me well. Then it was off to Western New York for more goodbyes, and I spent 5 days visiting with friends & family. From there it was back to DC, running around doing last minute errands before getting set to take off on Wednesday 22 April.

So as a lot of you know I took a year-long trip around the world in 2004-2005. Looking ahead to the 2015-2016 edition there are a lot of notable changes when compared to the last one. First off is technology. 10 years ago I found myself carrying around loads of CD's with my precious photos, hoping they all stayed in tact. This time around there's the cloud where I can send my photos off into cyberspace for future retrieval. Then there's internet connectivity. Last time I found myself spending countless hours in Internet cafes with horrendous networks (think India, Cambodia, etc) hoping the email that took me 10 minutes to write was successfully sent. Facebook was just taking off and I wasn't yet onboard, so I relied on a now defunct website ballofdirt.com to chronicle my adventures. This go around wifi is available just about everywhere and in a lot of places it's free. As you all know as you're reading this entry, I'm blogging this trip with the ability to post pics & maps easily. So what technology is in my bag this go around?? I have my iPhone 5, an old but still reliable iPad 2, a Panasonic Lumix FZ200 camera, a Go Pro 4 Silver, and a variety of chargers and adapters to keep them charged. Perhaps the coolest technology I have this time is a memory card for my camera. It's called Eyefi and it will automatically pull all of my pics from the camera and sync them to my iPhone & iPad via wifi!!

As far as clothes I have 8 pairs of underwear & 8 pairs of socks (I packed 7 + what I wore onto the plane), board shorts, flip flops, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, thermals, 8 shirts (cotton for layering & wicking for the heat), 3 long sleeved jackets/jumpers & a puffy (and highly collapsible) winter jacket. Between meeting up with family/friends & visiting friends I'll be able to occasionally swap out some items but be warned, you're going to see me in the same clothes a lot !!! I also packed a mosquito net, clothes line/bungee cord, sleeping bag, malaria pills, basic daily hygiene items, new skin, travel towel, winter hat.

While I spent nearly a year prepping for the last trip this time I had just over 3 months. It would be phenomenal to see all 7 continents in this one trip but getting to Europe is proving to be challenging but not impossible. Time will tell if I get there but I'm ready for the adventures to begin. To kick off the trip I'm meeting up with an old friend Eunhee in Seoul during my 24 hour layover in South Korea, then with friends Emma & Andrew from the UK (who I met on my trip 10 years ago) who currently live in Auckland. After that it's a week in the Cook Islands then I have no plans & will just wing it as I go !!!

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So excited for you! Looking forward to following along with you on your blog during your adventures around the world. Safe travels my friend!

by Cindy

FZ Lumix! Good choice - I used various iterations of that model for years! Safe (and sometimes not-so-safe) travels Rob. I will watch with envy, and plot my envy-revenge accordingly.

by Stuart Muller

Technology is really streamlining my ability to live vicariously through you this trip!

by becca jackling

You look good sitting in business class. Did you think to take a selfie stick?? I hope you have another amazing adventure.

by ~Maria~

Hey Rob. Make sure you wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident. Because if you have to be taken to the hospital you don't want the nurses or doctors to see stains in your underwear. Hahahaha. Okay I just read that's what parents tell their kids before going on a trip. #whoyomomma lol

by Viv

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