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March 2015

Official Blog Launch

So it's official . . . this is where I'm going to come +/- once a week to update my adventures. I'll be sharing stories, photos & updating my map so subscribe & follow along with me !!! The stats below reflect my first two flights: Dulles/Washington DC (IAD) to Seoul, South Korea (ICN) and then onto Auckland, New Zealand (AKL).


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Notice of Resignation Given & 4 Weeks to Go

So the days really seem to be flying by now and it doesn't feel like I've accomplished very much on my to do list that grows daily. That being said, a few weeks ago just before falling asleep I had the idea to give my resignation letter to work in the form of a motion, as I am a paralegal after all. It allowed me to be creative and unique at the same time. It's been a great nearly eight years but the time has come to take off again and explore the world without a timetable. I've taken at least one three week vacation a year since working for the firm but nothing compares to setting off for an entire year. So last Friday 03.20.15 I handed in my letter giving three weeks notice, officially making my last day of work 04.10.15.

On other fronts, a little progress has been made researching both travel insurance plans and possibly outright buying a camper van for my month in New Zealand. If that happens then I would sell it to another traveler before I took off for Australia, ideally breaking even and getting "free" accommodation for the month if not even making a little profit. I also believe that I've sold my moped and have a lead on my car, so wheels are in motion there as well. I also received an awesome email from the Dep't of State this morning letting me know that my newly issued fifty-two page passport was complete and ready for mailing. That allowed me to breathe a huge sigh of relief as the application was only accepted 03.09.15, meaning that the four to six week delivery window could have been as late as Monday, 04.20.15. That would have been cutting it way too close for comfort. My passport was set to expire in September of 2016, but since many countries require validity for six months beyond the time of entry I would have been short by a month or two next spring in a few South American countries. I also thought it would be cool to retire my old passport and start fresh with a new one, meaning every stamp and visa I get in this one is from this trip alone. I also opted for the passport card for an extra $30, which I've never had before. This looks a lot like a driver's license but is a separately issued Dep't of State document that will easily fit in my wallet, allowing me to leave the larger passport locked up or stashed away in my bag while out and about.

Lastly I ordered some traveler cards for myself. You meet a lot of people on a trip like this and I remember always writing my email/FB/etc. info on scraps of paper. During March Madness last week I kept on seeing ads for 500 business cards for $10, so I designed a card to hand out during my year abroad. I think the cards are pretty cool!! Going forward I'll try and blog about once a week until I take off, much like I plan to do once on the road. Until next time . . .


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